AVA Control Inc


AVA Control Inc. is a supplier providing high quality and reliable butterfly valves and valve actuators. Throughout combining years of field experience, the products of AVA Control Inc. are guaranteed to be durable, stable, anti-corrosion for a wide range of conditions and media such as water, HVAC, Fire services, chemical food and beverages, power industries and utilities.

Product Catalog

Butterfly Valve
A10 Wafer & A11 Lug Butterfly Valve
A10 Hydraulic Test Report
A11−25 Full Lug Butterfly Valve
A11−25 Test Report
A16 Double Flanged Butterfly Valve
A33 Wafer Eccentric Butterfly Valves
Check Valve
Red Valve Series 39 Inline Check Valve
Electric Actuator
A80 Electric Modulating Actuator
A83 Electric On ⁄ Off Actuator