This page would like to guide you to preview our works about the Controlling Component selections in differnt sites, user-friendly BMS interface, accurate HVAC flow control solutions and the excellent property maintenance service including some projects participated in benchmarked building.

BMS Centralized Management System


WEBS System

Allied Success recommends our clients to install WEBs-AX system as building automation system in their building as WEBs-AX system has amazing system stability, great flexibility and supportive to various equipment with different protocol, alarm monitoring function and user-friendly interface.


EBI System

Honeywell Enterprise Building Integrator (EBI) has been well-known building automation system for over 20 years and now Enterprise Building Integrator is keeping its evolution to support numerous products. Allied Success provides solutions especially in HVAC Control with management functions by integrating controllers either Excel-5000, or Comfort Point.