Honeywell Excel-800 Controller


EXCEL 5000 DDC controller for all HVAC control applications, and building automation functionalities. The controller can be applied for stand-alone operation, dial-up and in network systems for all buildings.


Control softwareFree programmable with CARE software programmable with standard ModAL software modules
Hardware inputsPanel Bus and LON Bus input modules available for:
- measurement of temperature, relative humidity, pressure etc.
- contact status from relays, thermostats etc.
Hardware outputsPanel Bus and LON Bus output modules available for:
- control devices like servomotors (configuration of safety position is possible)
- switching devices like pumps, ventilators
Operator panelsRS232 port available for operator panel XI582 or XI882; these panels can be used for adjustment of setpoints, alarm limits, fixing in/outputs, override functions, graphic trending etc.
Management applicationsXBS or EBI PC software can be applied for a central operator and all other building automation functions