Honeywell Inc. is a well-known world-wide company specializes in Building Automation Control and other businesses. Both the WEB System and the Enterprise Building Integrator (EBI) are very famous with their high reliability and property management functions among building management systems (BMS). Honeywell Inc. is an original supplier providing controlling components, including valves, sensors, actuators, dampers, switches, thermostat controllers and etc.

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Honeywell Catalog Booklet
ECC Products Catalogue
Building Management Systems (BMS)
WEBs System
WEBs- AX Integration System
Enterprise Building Integrator (EBI)
Master Direct Digital Controller (DDC)
Comfort Point IPC
Typical Direct Digital Controller (DDC)
Spyder BACnet
Spyder Relay
SylK IO Devices
Zio Wall Module
Comfort Point SPC
Thermostat Controller
TF418/428 Series Digital Thermostat
T6800 − Series Large LCD Digital Thermostat 110 ⁄ 220 VAC 2-pipe fan coil control
T6861 Series Large LCD Digital Thermostat 110 ⁄ 220 VAC 2-pipe ⁄ 4-pipe fan coil control
T6862 Series Large LCD Digital Thermostat Time Programmable 2-pipe ⁄ 4-pipe fan coil control
DT−70 series Digital Room Thermostat
Excel T756 Wall Module
T775 Series 2000 Electronic Stand-Alone Controllers
T6372⁄T6373 Fan-Coil Thermostats 2−Pipe Fan−Coil Control
T6374⁄T6375 Fan-Coil Thermostats 2−Pipe Fan−Coil Control
Multi-Function Sensor
Model M-SENSE II Integrated CO ⁄ CO2 ⁄ Moisture ⁄ Temperature sensor & ventilation controller
AQS51 ⁄ 61 CO2 ⁄ Temperature Sensor with Built−in Controller for Wall Mounting
AQS51 ⁄ 61-KAM Combined CO2 − ⁄ Temperature Duct Sensor ⁄ Controller
H7012A,B Room Humidity Sensor ⁄ Combined Room Humidity ⁄ Temperature Sensor
H7015A,B Duct Humidity Sensor ⁄ Combined Humidity ⁄ Temperature Sensor
H7030A Humidity & Temperature Transducer
H7080 Temperature ⁄ Humidity Duct Sensor
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensors
GD250 Series CO Gas Detector
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensors
C7110C1001/D1009 Wall Modules embedded CO2 optional with Temperature Sensor specialized to Honeywell Excel System
CDS2000 Series CO2 Gas Detector
Damper Actuator
CN05, CN10 Serise Non−Spring Return Direct-Coupled Damper Actuators for Modulating and Floating Control
CN20, CN34 Serise Non−Spring Return Direct-Coupled Damper Actuators for Modulating and Floating ⁄ 2−Position Control Product
CN6105, CN6110, CN7505, CN7510 Non−Spring Return Direct Coupled Actuator
CS4105, CS4110, CS4120, CS7505, CS7510, CS7520, CS8105, CS8110, CS8120 Spring Return Actuator
DA0206A Zone Damper Motor
MS4209F, MS4309F, MS4709F, MS4809F, MS8209F, MS8309F Fast-Acting, Two-Position Actuators For Fire ⁄ Smoke Control Applications
Differential Pressure Switches
DPS−Series For Air Conditioning ⁄ Ventilation − User Adjustable
DPT−Series Differential pressure transmitter for air (with display)
Differential Pressure Switches HDPS SERIES
FCU Controller
DT200 Series Products FCU Controller
Excel 10 FCU controller
Flow Switch
WF-1001-H Water flow switch
Humidity Sensor
H46 Humidity Controller ⁄ H49 Duct-mounted Humidity Controller
Motion Sensor
DT6360STC Dual TEC® Motion Sensor X−Band Technology
Pressure Sensor
ML Series Pressure Transducer
P7620A Industrial Pressure Transmitters
P7620C Differential Pressure Sensors
Pressure Reducing Valve
D06F Pressure reducing valve with balanced seat Standard pattern with set point scale
Valve Actuators
ML7420/ML7425AB Electric Linear Valve Actuators
ML6421/ML7421 Non-Spring Return Electric Linear Valve Actuators
V4043/V4044 Motorized Valves
V5011N Two-Way Threaded Globe Valve
V5013R Threaded End-Connection Linaer Valve PN16
V5025A Flanged Linear Valve PN25
V5050A,B Flanged Linear Valve PN16 And PN25⁄40
V5421B Butterfly Valves
VBA216 Ball Valve