Honeywell Spyder Controller


Independent is absolutely flexible… While meticulously maintaining the environment, especially in cleanrooms, medical treatment rooms and VAV boxes without plant controllers, our clients will firstly realize that the simplicity and convenience of the Honeywell Spyder Controller. The specialized Thermostat Controller– Zio & Zio Plus – provide users elegant and concise digital displays to control their work environment in the easy way. Allied Success encourages our client to select this product, for the purpose of the rigorous Room Air Recirculation Control, Air Change Control, Room Dehumidification Control, Indoor Air Quality, Frequency Inverter Control, pure Room Temperature Control or Air Damper Control, in your design of specific zones.


Communication MethodLONWORK and BACnet
Control LogicP, PI, PID, Hysteresis
Controller ParameterTemperature Setpoint
Humidity Setpoint
High-Med-Low 3 Speed Control