Automation Component Inc.


Automation Component Inc. (ACI) is a famous manufacturer of in America providing high-calibrated sensors for Temperature, Relative Humidity, Pressure, Current or Gas measurement. Automation Component Inc. successfully provides the products that meet the rigorous standard and perform excellent flexibility for installation.

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Product Catalog

Temperature Sensor
A⁄AN Series, A⁄CP Series, A⁄3K Series, A⁄1.8K Series, A⁄20K Series Temperature Sensor
A⁄100 Series A⁄1K Series Platinum RTD Temperature Sensors
Signal Amplifer
ACI⁄ASA Analog Signal Amplifer
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor
A⁄CO Series Carbon Monoxide Sensor
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensor
A⁄CO2 Series Carbon Dioxide Sensor
Different Pressure Sensor
A⁄DP Series Low Differential Pressure Transmitter
Enthalpy Transmitter
ACI⁄ENT Enthalpy Transmitter
Gage Pressure Transmitter
ACI⁄GP Gage Pressure Transmitter
Nitrogen Dioxide Transmitters
ACI⁄NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide Transmitters
Humidity Transmitters
ACI−RH Series Relative Humidity Transmitters
A⁄RH−TEMP SeriesRelative Humidity⁄Temperature Combinations